Vocal Music Lessons

Vocal Music Lessons

Various lessons to understand and improve individual vocal skill.

Vocal Music Lessons
  • Vocal Resistance Training

    In this lesson, Patrick Lundquist from OOVO offers a voice hack to help a singer become a vocal athlete: Resistance Training for your voice. The practice of using "Straw Phonation" or "Straw Singing" or "Vocal Straws" are a continuation of semi-occluded vocal tract exercises that go back as long ...

  • Vocal Mechanics 101: Understanding the Body's Role in Vocalization

    Understanding the basic process of vocalization is a good primer for learning to train and take care of your voice. Learn the 4 main steps of how your body creates voice with Patrick Lundquist from OOVO.

  • The Vocal Tract

    In this video, educator Laura Donohue teaches vocalists about the 3 main components of the vocal instrument and one of the reasons why the voice is so incredibly flexible.